It's Geek Tiem

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I haven't posted anything in a while. Been pretty lazy over here. I had to draw/paint up something so I wouldn't feel too guilty, and anime fan art seemed like a good idea. I don't usually draw anime, so this is probably my first ever serious anime fan art. Crazy.

Anyway, I chose Nodame Cantabile since it's one of my faves and the characters are great (though you wouldn't be able to tell from this pic). It revolves around these two students who attend a music university. They are both gifted musicians in very different ways. Chiaki is the hardcore top student since his dream is becoming a composer, and Nodame is a lazier, happy-go-lucky type that aspires to become a kindergarten teacher. But she can actually play a piano piece by simply listening to the music beforehand. The catch is that she plays it cantabile, meaning she plays in a songlike manner, adding her own notes as she sees fit. Anyway. Check it out if you can tolerate anime (and know how locate appropriate torrents for all the downloadin').

If you're an elite artsy type, maybe you might've noticed the familiar composition and posing I used. Well prepare to raise your nose even higher and hmpf as you stride away because I did indeed reference Renoir's Two Young Girls at the Piano. I modified Chiaki's pose and the piano and removed all that fancy background. And then screwed up a bunch of other little things. But there it is.