One, Chu

Sunday, March 15, 2009

So here's a pic I started a long while back, and just left in half-painted limbo state....till now. I wanted to try out that cool extreme foreshortening shiz, but not sure I really got what I sorta flattened out. And that guitar was a pain - I wanted it angled outwards as well, but I just couldn't make it look right, especially with that messed up shape.

So anyway, this is a pic inspired by the figure of this character, which I have. I don't usually get figures of characters that I don't know, but this one looked pretty cool. Yeah, huge geek alert.

The character is named Chua Churam, from the Japanese eroge game Chu x Chu Idol. Wanting to know more about this character, I also found out that this pop star vampire is a fusion of a vampire girl and human girl in the story, which is initiated with a kiss. Yep.