Semester's End: Maybe Time For An Update

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Yeah I knew that this would happen when I started by own blog - I would barely update. So sorry. I'm not the type that uploads everything that I do, because 1) I don't do stuff that often and 2) When I do actually produce art, I'm not sure I want to show it to the world, or to the 1 or 2 people that have seen my blog.

So in chronological order, some stuff:

This is my personal variation on the Tooth Fairy Revolt story. Early on (when we switched from the Jack and the Mean Stalk idea), we had each member do a variation on the story and see what we could come up with. Oh how things have changed.....

This is a simple piece I did for layout, and I was being inspired by Tadahiro Uesugi at the time.
It was kinda tough to try to emulate PURE AWESOMENESS.
(soft pastel and coloured pencil)

Next up are 2 layouts that I coloured in about 3 hours (which is fast for me), and my first time using the polygonal tool to block out and colour everything. Kinda fun.

The cool llama that I drew at the royal winter fair.....I kinda messed him up since I was drawing really close:

And some obligatory sheep (I decided to skip pigs this year):

This was my first time using watercolour to add to life drawing, and it was pretty fun.

Now for some animation:
Gangsta walk cycle

Railing Jump

Weee X-Wing

Your Mother Was A Hamster

Volley Dive

If you don't mind waiting to download 25mb, I put a high-quality version of my 1.22 second animation here:
Volley Dive (high-quality)

Thanks for looking if you've gotten this far -

See you next mission