Toooooooth Fairy?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Here 'tis, very likely the one and only work by Studio10:

I whipped up the intro slides and the first three scenes, as well as drawing up and painting a layout:

We had this cool idea to include symbolic objects from everyone's films, so I made sure to get them all. That is until someone from The Buddha Funk group threatened to ruin my animation career since I forgot their film :P

So the objects and groups, starting from top, going left to right:
Electric toothbrush - Studio10
Monster Backpack - The World Changing Scallywags
Camera - Buddha Funk
Scavenger Robot - Soldier Monkey
Bunz the Robot - Aisle-6
Sword - Repo House
Star - 24/7 and Blue Lemon
Paintbrush - Studio REDRUM
Hairy ball-thing - AV8
Spotted Underwear - The Line
Goblin King doll - Black Rabbit
Fish - Rats From The Lab
Leaf - Funeral For A Fern
Spray that kills 99.9% of Germs - The Visual Factory

And the culmination of this year's 3d class, Mr. Postman:

Twilight crawling through my windowpane

Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's been a busy week. As an animation student, I'm no stranger to screwing up my sleep schedule so that I can see night turn to day, but this week I had to capture this orange glow that was flooding the apartment. It was very cool.
Speaking of twilight, here's a closeup pic of the new iPod I got to replace the one that got stolen from me:I know that the dirty thief has to be someone from Art Fundamentals or Animation, possibly in my year (which irritates me the most) since the iPod was stolen while charging at a line testing computer while I was sitting within view (but obviously not paying attention).
Anyway, the stolen iPod had the zen saying "The reverse side also has a reverse side". My new iPod has "Am I awake or do I dream?" Which is a lyric from Twilight by Electric Light Orchestra. Ever since hearing to it as the opening song for Densha Otoko, I can't stop listening to it. It's one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard. Am I wrong?

(this player is from, pretty cool site for streaming songs to yer blog)

So, about A Rotten Habit: she's done. I wouldn't say completely done (a possible soundtrack fix and some extra sfx can be added), but all major work has ended. This image comes from the intro sequence, the last thing that I worked on:

Honestly, all through the compositing stage, I was getting really sick of the film and I didn't think it would turn out too well. I didn't even think we'd finish everything. But we did. And once Rye and I started putting sound fx in, and the excellent soundtrack that John Suh composed, the film really came together. It's not awesome, and the story is probably about as effective as our older animatics, but we finished. yay for Studio10!

Here's a Persephone's Flight image that I forgot to post last time. I actually put this one together with the yearbook in mind. I hope we can get them before the end of the year!

So only a few things remain to do in the school year before I can relax for a short while.....and then begin worrying about moving to Miramichi, New Brunswick to intern at FatKat. It should be a fun summer though, since I've never lived so far away from home before, and I'll be going with 4 other talented friends:
Rob Bursey, Stephen Hinds ,Phil Rodrigues , and Dave Tran

Tonight I'm going back to Oshawa, in probably the first time since Xmas to celebrate my grandma's b-day. I think I sketched this one when I was back for the Xmas break:

I call her "ba ngoai" which sounds like "bah why" in English.

Man I wish I was fluent in Vietnamese. As well as Japanese.

ja ne!

The end is nigh. Nigh I say

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Here's a shot of the Fairy in the process of being coloured in Flipbook. This is the final week that we have to work on our films. Much sleep will be lost, unfortunate realizations will be had.

Here's a design I cooked up last year for the animation t-shirt contest, which never went anywhere. So I refined it for this year's contest, and my design got rejected before the voting process even started, which was pretty cool if I say so myself. I don't know the reasons, but perhaps the design is too complex and thus unsuited for t-shirt wear. Maybe it doesn't properly convey the idea of animation. Or maybe it just lacks text that says "40 years of animation at Sheridan! HELLZ YEAH!".
I'd get it printed for myself, but I can't seem to find a place that would print just one shirt for under 25 dollars.

Here's an animatic I did for music class, to the tune of Volière by Camille Saint-Saëns:

Here's the watercolour beatboards for my upcoming 4th year film. A more realized, yet less colourful version of the story is in the previous post.

Here's the end of this post.