...And in the evening it's girls

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I sketched this out during the break and half coloured it, and just finished it today. I had been looking at lots of Katsuya Terada (character designer for Blood: The Last Vampire) women at the time.

Studio10: Ever since our Original Reel, many members felt that the story needed more work, myself included. I thought the pacing was much too fast and flat, and it was already 2 and a half minutes! After our first 2nd semester meeting, I decided that I'd quickly reboard the entire story, with my main goal of slicing off as much time as possible, while keeping the story intact. I knew that my ideas would have much more weight if they were presented in a complete, timed out reel that made sense, instead of tossing about words in a meeting.
Now we begin with the viewfinder sequence , which we had been talking about before. This act probably saved the most time.

Here are my tiny rough boards, followed by the animatic:

I did change the magic toothbrush a bit - this time the rotten fairy comes in as the Kid is reaching, but this surprises him and he loses his balance, and the toothbrush comes tumbling down with him. And instead of the deus ex machina floating brush, I went back to the magically enhanced toothbrush. The coloured glow is supposed to indicate that the Tooth Fairy is secretly helping him. It's kinda the same.......but it feels better to me. Maybe the Holy Toothbrush will be changed again....

Finally.....[I had a video but YouTube has been crackin' down....lots of things (tv segments, music vids) are being removed]