Toooooooth Fairy?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Here 'tis, very likely the one and only work by Studio10:

I whipped up the intro slides and the first three scenes, as well as drawing up and painting a layout:

We had this cool idea to include symbolic objects from everyone's films, so I made sure to get them all. That is until someone from The Buddha Funk group threatened to ruin my animation career since I forgot their film :P

So the objects and groups, starting from top, going left to right:
Electric toothbrush - Studio10
Monster Backpack - The World Changing Scallywags
Camera - Buddha Funk
Scavenger Robot - Soldier Monkey
Bunz the Robot - Aisle-6
Sword - Repo House
Star - 24/7 and Blue Lemon
Paintbrush - Studio REDRUM
Hairy ball-thing - AV8
Spotted Underwear - The Line
Goblin King doll - Black Rabbit
Fish - Rats From The Lab
Leaf - Funeral For A Fern
Spray that kills 99.9% of Germs - The Visual Factory

And the culmination of this year's 3d class, Mr. Postman:


Adam said...

Good stuff, Ewen. I predict big things for you. (Could a Mr.Postman feature film be in the works?)

Colin said...

hey buddy, you're pretty amazing.
have fun out east, catch me some fish and send it overnight-express back home.

Yuriy Sivers said...

Great Film!

Ewen said...

thank you

Yeah maybe I'll just catch a bunch and ship it to teh Maracle gym.
I'll miss my printer gifts to the gym.....only slightly

Cooked Art said...

hahaha! Hairball thing!


It's a spider =/