The end is nigh. Nigh I say

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Here's a shot of the Fairy in the process of being coloured in Flipbook. This is the final week that we have to work on our films. Much sleep will be lost, unfortunate realizations will be had.

Here's a design I cooked up last year for the animation t-shirt contest, which never went anywhere. So I refined it for this year's contest, and my design got rejected before the voting process even started, which was pretty cool if I say so myself. I don't know the reasons, but perhaps the design is too complex and thus unsuited for t-shirt wear. Maybe it doesn't properly convey the idea of animation. Or maybe it just lacks text that says "40 years of animation at Sheridan! HELLZ YEAH!".
I'd get it printed for myself, but I can't seem to find a place that would print just one shirt for under 25 dollars.

Here's an animatic I did for music class, to the tune of Volière by Camille Saint-Saëns:

Here's the watercolour beatboards for my upcoming 4th year film. A more realized, yet less colourful version of the story is in the previous post.

Here's the end of this post.


Robin Hall said...

Hey Ewen.... I am so sorry about last year's t-shirt going nowhere, I really am!

This year I had no say in the final six that got picked, but if I did I would have voted for yours --

again, sorry! And nice animatic, and nice post in general, you rock!

Adam said...

A new update! Awesome!

I like the animatic and 'beatboards' (that term's new to me). All the animal characters in your drawings are so lively and expressive. It looks effortless on your part, I just can't draw like that.

About having a t-shirt printed, I'd have been able to screenprint one (or more) if a)you were alright with uncertain quality (I'm fairly competent with screenprinting but have never tried it on fabric) and b) I had known about this a couple weeks ago and I wasn't crazy busy finishing up the semester's final essays and projects...

Ewen said...

Thanks Robin
I guess there were a lot more designs than I expected and lots of others were rejected too. I just don't see what the problem would be in showing all the submissions and letting the voters decide on their own.

Medley: my skillz here have gone up significantly since high school. Animation really pushes you hard, and I'm also absorbing a lot from the other tons of crazy talented people around me.
And about that t-shirt.....did you say that the chance is over? I'd be okay with the quality if it meant kinda gritty, not as clean as the original design.

thanks for the comments