New and Improved

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I learned how to colour stuff in Flipbook thanks to A Rotten Habit, so I decided to try out the skillz on an old animation. Didn't really feel like making it a complete piece with a panning BG, an object and dust fx, but I'm satisfied with this final version. I had this ready before I came to Miramichi, but since I was putting in sound fx, I thought of getting a voice for her as well, and I just got the final track today. I thought it'd be cool to employ a voice actress from the net, and I knew a big flash submission site like Newgrounds would have plenty of talent.
And 'tis there that I found Rina-chan to be a sweet french maid voice. Check out her demo of the soul calibur girls if you're interested; she has a great range.


Adam said...

Wow, now it's EVEN SEXIER! Good job, Ewen!