Monday, February 23, 2009

Here's some fanart for a show I worked on for a bit - Jimmy Two Shoes. It's a pretty crazy, random series. Hopefully it does well. This is my idea for an Alice in Wonderland-themed Jimmy world. It'd be cool to have a future episode use the Alice story - could have a lot of fun with it.
I never planned on adding the other 2 main characters into this image, but after some encouragement I decided to draw up the 'villain' characters of the show into the Alice world. Using the classic Disney Alice as reference, of course. As for Cerby, the "pet dog" of the series, well he would be Dinah, Alice's cat.
The characters in my images are just cosplaying as the Alice characters, so perhaps it would be good to see the characters as they behave normally in the show (and see how well their Alice roles would fit). Fortunately, one of the [half] episodes has made its way to the internets, so have a look:

Jimmy is now airing on DisneyXD in the states, and it's Canadian premiere on Teletoon will be on March 21st.


The Huntsman said...

That's awesome. I really like what you've done there.

Adam said...

I didn't do it.

Having said that, this cartoon probably isn't intended for the same demographic as The Simpsons (at least old Simpsons, when it was good), so pointing out that the above YouTube clip is a joke-for-joke takeoff of the "I Didn't Do It Boy" episode wouldn't serve much purpose. Kids who watch this will see the original eventually.

You Win New Yen said...

Or maybe they won't.....which would be unfortunate. But yeah, I hope that everyone who worked on that ep (especially the story artist who cooked up that premise) recognized the story from the Simpsons first.
Who watches the Simpsons anymore anyway? I sure don't. But then I don't watch tv.

And thanks for the earlier comment, Huntsman.