G2 Exit test

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Yay I passed, I finally have a G license. I waited far too long to take this test, so long that I took my first G2 exit test on the expiry date of my license. And I failed it. Luckily they allowed me to book a following test, and gave me a temporary license until that point. The downside was that if I failed today's test.....I would have had to start over from the beginning - written test, g1, g2, g2 exit. So the pressure was ON, and I passed! ohh man starting makes me die a little inside thinking about it.


Anonymous said...

that's nice to know that they'll give you a temp licence if you fail on your expiry

i have a year left to do my G2
and i've tried it twice

blerp, hope the third one is lucky

I passed my G1exit the first time!!!

nerves are a terrible thing...

anyway, wish me luck


Ewen said...

Are you talking about the G2 exit test? If so, all I can say is that you should get plenty of practice on the highway, changing lanes, entering at the right speed, etc.
And study the marking sheet that they give back to you - to make sure you don't repeat the same errors and to see all the other possible errors they can mark you on.

good luck on your next test!

Anonymous said...

I failed my G2 exit test today for the first time and let me tell you that it sure does suck since mine expires in June.

Make sure when you enter the highway you get right up to speed and fast...