3 Sweet Game Openings

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I recently picked up a ps2 game called Onimusha 3 for $10 from a bargain bin - the game is pretty fun, but something must be said for the amazing opening cgi. It is definitely the most technically stunning cutscene I've ever seen in a game. If someone knows of a better one, please let me know:

I believe this opening is just a few notches below The Animatrix's Final Flight of the Osiris. I heard it took a year to make, too. This YouTube version does not do it justice at all, so here's a better quality link if you're interested:
Onimusha 3 Opening @

This got me thinking of other notable opening sequences from video games. I immediately thought of Final Fantasy VIII's opening, since it's still my favourite:

This one may pale in comparison to the two others here but 7 years ago when this game first came out, I don't think it had any competition. And 7 years later, the game's cinematics are still attractive.

Took me a bit longer to think of a 3rd awesome opening, but I think Soul Calibur III's opening deserves mention.

Again, a better quality version exists:
Soul Calibur III Opening @

The next-gen consoles (excluding the Wii) can almost imitate these cinematics in real time, so it should be interesting to see what they can come up with.


MadameGaston said...

Hey Ewan Nguyen, I like your name! I remember u from lifedrawing lol, I drew you before. Anyways your Stop Requested concept is really cute. Hope to see it finished!

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