Fan Expo 2006

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Went last Saturday with a friend, 3rd year attending. We mainly go for the Anime, but I think it's cool that they squish comics, anime, horror, sci-fi, and gaming (though they could use more of the video gaming instead of the card games and warhammer stuff) into one massive con. This makes for a much more interesting shopping experience in the dealer's area, instead of just anime all over. I wonder if it's like that at Anime North.

Compared to previous years, I did not like the move deeper into the convention centre. It's such a long trek to the actual may be bigger this year, but I liked being able to quickly go outside for a break or to get something to eat. This year it's a trap to make you pay terrible prices for their special convention food. I got fewer pics of cool cosplayers too since they were spread out more over several floors; there didn't seem to be a definite gathering place for them. Plus: no windows = more depressing

Still a fun experience and an easy way to waste lots of money (I could have spent so much more @ The Labyrinth, but I held back). Here are my pictures: Cosplay @ Fan Expo 2006


Michael said...

Hey Ewen, I didn't know you were here too:) lol. Looks like a found ya. See ya in a couple of days.