2 more weeks plz

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I said I would animate something before summer's end, and I just finished uploading it to YouTube:

After the Stop Requested business, I had the idea of a character going thru some expressions as she thought over a difficult test. I started to key it, but the more I did the less I liked looking at the character and I was unsure I'd be able to finish it. So that got scrapped, and I moved to the walk cycle + short action. This new project moved a lot faster, probably because the 16 drawing cycle didn't scare me and I had help from the Survival Guide.
I also decided to scan in all my drawings to see how much better they would look. I would have liked to colour it, but cleanup is horribly boring (I drew it pretty clean anyway) and the colour part, which I have no idea how to do, seems like it would have added 2 more days.

The whole thing, from the quick character sketch to today, took 8 days. Some days I was extremely lazy and produced 2-4 drawings. It should also be noted that the design of the abandoned test girl and this french maid were inspired by Shane Glines. If you check his portfolio you'll probably spot the page that inspired my character. He's got a gift for drawing lovely, stylized ladies.

So, school tomorrow. yay!

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Adam said...

So that's how you spent your summer post Maracle Press? That's some awesome work. I love the dusting and the lil gesture after it.


Super cute!