Asian Dress #2 - Qipao / Cheongsam

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The popular traditional Chinese dress, Qipao (aka cheongsam).

-Pronounced "chee-pow" / "chongsam"

-Influenced the style of the Vietnamese Áo dài

-Like the Áo dài, the Qipao has a male variant; it adds some pants (Sofie Fatale in Kill Bill vol. 1 wears a male Cheongsam)

-Chun-Li's classic outfit in the Street Fighter video game series is a modified Qipao for greater range of movement. Spinning Bird Kick!

What serves as a worthy testament to the beauty of the Qipao / Cheongsam is, however, it does not require the wearer to pep up the look with accessories like scarves and belts. Designed to show off the natural softness of the female form, it also creates the illusion of slender legs. The overall picture: practical, yet sexy.


Adam said...

Ooooooo, very nice. So sexy! What do you use to draw these? Sketch then finish on computer?

Ewen Nguyen said...

Thank ya
yeah I do a rough sketch in Photoshop as a guide, then start painting over it.

Conteart said...

Nice one Ewen!

ae00111 said...

Awesome Outfit