Asian Dress #3 - Hanbok

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hello. numbah trois is the Korean Hanbok (pronounced "han-bo"), which probably hides the female form the most out of the five dresses I`m painting :(

Though cut from flat cloth, when worn the hanbok takes on a voluminous three-dimensional quality. With its simple form and generous fit, it is flexible enough to accommodate any body shape and comfortable to wear while sitting on the floor, as is usual in a Korean house. Its ample folds impart an air of elegance and refinement to the wearer. For all its simplicity, the way it is worn determines its shape and produces creases that can also become an aesthetic element.

The beauty of hanbok can also be felt in the harmony of straight and curved lines that shows a deep respect for nature.


dokebi said...

great job! can i host it on my manhwa blog (dokebiclub) & give link to here? Thx

You Win New Yen said...

thanks for the comment

and sure