Thursday, March 13, 2008

If the title doesn't show up properly (should look like Japanese characters), chances are you don't have Japanese text support installed. But I was practicing my basic Japanese skillz and translated Persephone's Flight into Japanese (Katakana is used for loan-words from other languages), which in English would read like 'Pasefonisu Furaito'.

For the latest "milestone" we had to prep a bunch of "promotional" items for our films, which is sorta awkward when you're "struggling" to finish. But it gives me an option to "throw" more stuff at my blog.

Persephone, I choose you! *throws

A poster and/or postcard. Those 2 birds, I stoned them

A still that gives you an idea of what I'm aiming for with my film. With only 3 weeks left, the cleanup is the area where I've got to cut the most corners, so my animation will be kinda sketchy. But I really want to have the 2 tones to my characters. 3 weeks, eh? wtf. We'll see.


Adam said...

Japanese? You should be writing in Vietnamese! Stop ignoring your heritage!

That all looks very nice. I look forward to the finished product. I want it on my desk in exactly three weeks.

You Win New Yen said...

Heritage? wut heritage >_>

In 3 weeks I very well may be dead. But who knows, maybe Jesus can save me yet.

Cooked Art said...

Two tone is killing my soul.

It looks great Ewen - I really like the no line look, but that's obviously a lot harder to do...

You Win New Yen said...

Thanks alan-
I wish I could do the no-line look too, but I wished a lot of things for my film, and they didn't quite pan out...

Soon I will experience the full soul weakening power of two tone